starter-kit:compute (II) – Initial Setup

We’ll use Ubuntu LTS 14.04 (aka Trusty) as the base OS system installed in a dedicated computer (baremetal), but the same goals can be achieved using other distributions or using a virtual machine or container, but some requirements like networking and nested kvm needs to be changes.

In a first step, we will me using a single machine to run all the services (all-in-one) but we will expand this later in the series to include multiple compute nodes and include some HA features to accomplish our goal to have a real production environment.

Although more mainstream distributions include the OpenStack software packaged for them, we will be installing the services directly from source, using the latest available development version, so by the end of the series, we’ll be targeting the Liberty release. The rest of service needed by OpenStack will be installed using the distribution packaging system.

Necessary software

root@aio:~# apt-get install rabbitmq-server mysql-server git python-dev libmysqlclient-dev

In our case, we’ll call our node ‘aio’, but whatever you call your node, made sure that it resolves its hostname properly and to the address

And that’s all! Remember your mysql admin password for futures needs and we are ready to start the deployment of our first service: Keystone


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