About Me


Ghe Rivero <ghe.rivero@gmail.com>

I’m a Software Engineer and System Administrator with more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry. For the past 5 years, I have specialized in OpenStack, designing, developing and maintaining several projects like Ironic, TripleO and infrastructure at scale. Member of the Unified Cloud Environment team at HPE to improve Kubernetes lifecycle management and hybrid cloud integration. I am a core reviewer in os-client-config, diskimage-builder and interop projects. Also, I was chosen by the OpenStack Foundation to serve as part of a global committee of OpenStack experts developing a list of Domains and Tasks essential for OpenStack administration professionals and member of the Item Writing Committee for the official Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) program.

Academic studies

BS in IT Computer Engineering from Pontifical University of Salamanca

Technical experience

General expertise Devops, cloud, Linux internals, automation, HA (high availability)
Programming Python, Bash, C, Go, Java
Automation, CI/CD Ansible, Jenkins, Gerrit, Zuul, Nodepool
Cloud OpenStack, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Docker, hypervisors (KVM, ESX)
Management skills Agile development, Project and Engineering management
Languages English (conversation high level and technical writing level), Spanish (native)

Professional experience

OpenStack Engineering Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise  ( May 2015 – Present )

Management of a team of engineers distributed geographically in America and Europe including several OpenStack Project Team Leaders (PTLs) and OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) board members

  • Spread Open Source and OpenStack culture inside other teams within HPE
  • Help team members gain promotion through the HPE Technical Career Path
  • Several collaborations and contributions to OpenStack Infra, Shade and other related projects.

Cloud automation and distribution engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise   (October 2012 – Present )

Automation and deployment of OpenStack Cloud software.

  • Unified Cloud Environment (HPE UNCLE)  Kubernetes cluster integration, improving k8s lifecycle management and hybrid ready
  • Interop challenge. Create a set of common workloads/tests to be executed across multiple OpenStack distributions and/or cloud deployment models.
  • Founding member/contributor, core code developer and reviewer of the OpenStack deployment program (“TripleO”) aimed at data-center scale installations.
  • Core developer in the Ironic project. Help with the split of Ironic from Nova and rewriting  the PXE driver and the third party vendor interface. Cross project liaison during 3 cycles
  • Member of the OpenStack stable release maintainers and requirements groups
  • Core developer and reviewer in os-client-config and Shade projects. Development of Ansible OpenStack modules to manage project quotas
  • Develop and deploy OpenStack Infra cloud: using more than 100 baremetal servers, orchestrated with Bifrost (Ironic+Ansible) to produce a cloud of more than 6.000 nodes: http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/infra-cloud.html
  • TechCon 2015 Cloud paper review committee member. TechCon is the biggest and most prestigious technology conference at HP and is described as HP’s innovation engine.

Openstack Contribution Stats: OpenStack Stackalytics

OpenStack Certified Administrator Committee member at OpenStack Foundation (April 2015 – Present)

Chosen by the OpenStack Foundation to serve as part of a global Job Task Analysis (JTA) committee of OpenStack experts developing a list of Domains and Tasks essential for OpenStack  administration professionals. Member of the OpenStack Foundation Item Writing Committee (IWC) responsible for developing and bringing to market the inaugural Certified OpenStack Administrator examination (COA) using the Domain and Tasks provided by the JTA committee.

  • Developing surveys to gather critical Task information.
  • Analyzing and providing expert guidance on Domains and Tasks.
  • Providing key feedback regarding required Domains for the exam content blueprint.
  • Collaborating with other Committee members to then create the exam content blueprint for use by the Item Writing Committee

Older job experiences

Following there is a detail of previous job experiences in my career. More job details and references can be provided if you are interested.

  • Moderator and staff assistant in the  LFS101x and LFS101x.2 “Introduction to Linux” courses on edX by the Linux Foundation
  • StackOps Systems (2012) OpenStack engineer and distribution manager.
  • Pontifical University of Salamanca (2003-2012) System and network administrator
  • Debian Maintainer (2006-Present) Co-Founder of the OpenStack packaging group
  • Yaco Sistemas (2006-2011) System Administrator and developer of a regional Linux distribution (GuadaLinex)